1.Inbound Marketing Services

An inbound approach enables your website and digital marketing to work much harder by increasing traffic, engaging prospects, generating leads and converting these into customers.
The Most important five rules for Inbound marketing Strategies

Inbound marketing. Just a little sweeter.

1. Get attention

Your customers need you, but they may not know you exist yet. Or maybe they don’t know how completely you can solve their problem.

So, our first job is to get in their line of sight. Not through Funny promoting or shout May loud advertising, It’s not just about being in the right place at the right time but knowing what to do when you find your targets are there

2. Give value

You have so much to teach your customers even before they’re customers. That’s giving value. When your potential audience becomes visitors to your site

3. Gain trust.

By providing consistent value to customers through service based or content based you gain the trust of your audience and customers

4. Grow influence

Customer experience strategy :

When your clients have better experience with the services they will become promoters of your company that can help retain more customers

5. Gather insight

Underneath a different technologies, you can see what attracted them in the first place, and what drew them into a consistent players in the Industry .You get to tweak your processes and improve your effectiveness continually.

2.PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is the fastest to way to get your website on the top of search results. You can control your budget and manage your return on investment for your campaign.

Our Experienced campaign Managers have a specific knowledge of managing PPC campaigns for businesses in a wide variety of industries.

They have a unique strategy for managing all campaigns and can help determine the best keywords and ads for your marketing campaign.

PPC Services Include:

• A dedicated Pay Per Click consultant for PPC campaign management.
• Extensive keyword research.
• Competitive research.
• Account set-up and PPC campaign management.
• Analysis of titles, meta descriptions, and landing pages for each keyword
• Assistance with multiple ad networks: Google, Yahoo, Face book, etc
• On-going monitoring & optimization.

3.SEO Services

Digifolks Solutions. is a well known SEO & Internet Marketing Agency specializing in helping businesses make a profitable income from the Internet. Our SEO Team will help you to achieve the highest rankings for your keywords.

Being a reputed online marketing company, we perfectly understand your needs of target consumer-based optimization. It is because of this reason that we focus on local market analysis.

This gives you a competitive edge where you get a fair chance of establishing a dominating online presence.

SEO services based around the latest search engine updates

Algorithms that no good SEO consultancy in London can ignore include the Panda update, which was launched in February 2011 and made content one of the most important aspects of SEO.
In April 2012, the Penguin algorithm was issued, building on its predecessor in its detection of unethical or ‘black hat’ practices. It forced providers of SEO services to focus on bad link building methods like link farms and over-optimized inbound links.

SEO Services is a results-focused Digital Agency that concentrates on providing a positive ROI (Return on Investment) through creative thinking and effective marketing strategies.

Rather than simply chase rankings or continually pay higher fees to gain traffic, we blend a range of organic and ethical techniques to maximize the potential of your internet marketing campaign.

We offer a full range of digital services including organic search, paid search, Conversion Rate Optimization and content marketing.

Collectively we have years of experience within the team which help us to offer the full online marketing agency service. Ask us about our services including SEO, social media, paid search and many more.

4.Analytics services

No matter whether you manage big data or small data, we believe that all organizations should get started with analytics sooner than later.

The Digifolks Solutions. Global Technical Solutions team has created a unique Practice around the Digi folks Solutions.

Analytics applications help you get started with Analytics, from data governance and data source integration to advanced metrics, customized reports, interactive dashboards, and predictive modeling.

Here at Digifolks Solutions we can help you to monitor the health of all your web analytics, by conducting regular web analytics audits you will be able to ensure that the decisions you make for your business are grounded in reliable data. A

And that you can grow your business online with confidence, so don’t delay and give your business’s web analytics a health check today.